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About us

About us

FOODEDEN’s journey unfolds from a passion for food and aesthetics, born in Dehua, Fujian, renowned as the ‘Capital of Porcelain.’ The rich history of ceramic craftsmanship in Dehua became the inspiration for FOODEDEN’s founder, merging traditional techniques with the cultural essence of Japanese ramen to create a distinctive product line.

The initial vision of this brand was to offer a new dining experience for those seeking quality in their lives. The belief was deep-rooted: a bowl of ramen, brimming with warmth and flavor, complemented by exquisite porcelain tableware, could be more than just a meal. It could become a soulful journey for both the palate and the heart.

FOODEDEN’s ramen bowls and porcelain tableware are not mere utensils; they embody craftsmanship and heritage. Crafted by local artisans in Dehua, each piece carries centuries-old ceramic artistry. These products not only showcase exquisite designs and aesthetic appeal but also prioritize practicality and durability in every creation.

The story of FOODEDEN extends beyond its products; it’s about respecting and preserving traditional craftsmanship and artistry. By blending Dehua’s ceramic legacy with the cultural essence of Japanese ramen, FOODEDEN offers a unique dining experience. It allows people to savor not just delicious food but also the beautiful blend of history and culture. The brand, with its unique product line and reverence for craftsmanship, stands as the top choice for those who seek a life of quality.